Welcome to Stellar Cranes, Sydney’s fastest growing tower crane and equipment supplier with operations across Sydney ranging from government transport infrastructure projects to apartment developments, we guarantee to make your next project a safe, smooth and professional experience.

Our People

The Stellar Cranes family consists of highly qualified, trained and experienced crane professionals. We take pride in our brand and expect our staff to feel the same. We offer extensive training to all our staff and continue this training throughout their employment with us. We offer long term career development plans to ensure our people feel valued and know they will have a place in our company. This resonates with their dedication to their jobs and the quality of their work.

Proudly Australian Owned

Stellar Cranes is proud to be an Australian owned company operating across many regions in Sydney. We are one of the fastest growing Tower Crane and equipment suppliers with plans to expand into other regions of NSW.

Our Equipment

Stellar Cranes is proud to supply only the best of crane equipment anywhere in the world in Raimondi. Raimondi Cranes is an Italian Tower Cranes manufacturer and has been around since 1863. They are one of the few tower crane companies that still invest in their R&D, making them leaders in the Tower Crane industry. The quality, design and precision of their cranes cannot be compared to many and this is why Raimondi are the fastest growing tower cranes used in Australia to date and why we choose them.

Stellar Cranes Sydney

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