The Highest Professional Standards

Since we started back in 1990, Hunt Collaborative has built a broad range of projects including industrial & commercial buildings, residential apartments, retail centres and hospitality complexes. Many aspects of our building projects require fast turnarounds and tight deadlines completed with the utmost safety standards always.

When we require cranes, logistics, crews and servicing we always turn to Stellar Cranes. They have proven to be our most reliable and professional crane supplier in Sydney.

Our clients expect the highest quality construction in the buildings we produce and we in term expect the highest standard of professionalism and know-how from our and that s exactly what we get with Stellar Cranes.

Hassle Free Engagement

Cranes are big and disruptive to traffic. Getting them into tight streets and installed can cause major delays and is costly. Stellar Cranes installed a crane for a project we did in Ultimo and I can say they did an outstanding job. Highly recommended.

Professional & No Major Headaches

We built a new sports centre which required 3 cranes in total over 5 months. We went with Stellar Cranes and glad we did. They are a great company. Very professional and courteous to deal with, on time, no major headaches.

Stellar Cranes Sydney

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